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    Framed Witch Cross Stitch

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    Are you a fan of Halloween?  Do you love witches?  Is decorating for Halloween something you enjoy? Here is a new piece you can add to your holiday decor.  This witch cross stitch is perfect for Halloween or for the witch fan. The framed witch cross stitch piece is ready to hang.

    This is a handmade framed witch cross stitch wall hanging. The stitched section measures 5 inches wide by 8 inches in high. The back design is not attached to the finished cross stitched piece. The design has cotton webbing behind the finished cross stitched piece.  Plastic spiders are used to decorate two of the corners. The frame measures 11 inches wide by 14 inches in high. The frame is made of a hard plastic.  The frame includes a piece of glass to help protect your stitched piece. The witch cross stitched section can be removed and used in another frame.  The webbing and spiders have been lightly glued to keep them in place. This witch cross stitch piece will be packaged to help protect the piece during the shipping process. The pattern used was created by Angel Stitchin.  The pattern for the witch cross stitch is not included with the finished piece.