About Raggsy’s

We recognize there are many people who create high-quality handcrafted products and would love to sell them online. However, they do not have the knowledge, skills, or time to create an e-commerce website of their own.

Here at Raggsy’s Treasure Chest, we can do that for you!  

Our mission is to enable artisans, with limited computer skills, the ability to showcase and sell their products online with the added peace of mind of knowing we are taking care of all the business-related tasks involved with running an e-commerce store.

Our website also allows those who already run an e-commerce store, an additional venue to sell on.  This will allow them to broaden the exposure of their products without all of the extra time and effort it takes to set up and run an additional e-commerce store.

We appreciate you stopping by to visit our website.  Whatever the occasion, we are sure you will find the perfect unique handcrafted gift right here in our store.

All the products sold on our website started out as a vision by the artist.  It was then lovingly and carefully crafted into a unique piece of art.  Every piece of art resonates with both the heart and the soul of each artist.  Each and every piece of art tells a story.  It symbolizes a journey taken by the artisan.  A journey, that will be carried on by you after you own it.

On behalf of all of our artisans, we would like to express our gratitude for taking the time out of your day to shop our stores looking for your unique handcrafted gifts.

We are always recruiting artisans to join our community of sellers, so if you have unique handcrafted gifts you would like to sell, please click HERE to read the details on how you can become one of our sellers.