Glycerin Soap Information

Glycerin soap is known as a Humectant which means it actually attracts moisture, leaving your skin hydrated and supple. It has also been noted to relieve skin disorders such as “eczema and psoriasis.” Most companies, who manufacture soap, actually extract the glycerin from their soaps and use the glycerin in their high-priced lotions and beauty products. This coupled with the chemical additives they use will actually cause irritation and dry out your skin. Glycerin soap dissolves quickly in water, therefore, it does not leave behind a film the way heavier soaps do.

Glycerin soap should be stored only in a cool, dry area (not near any heat source or damp areas). To ensure your soap lasts longer, place it in a soap dish with drain holes after each use to allow the air to completely circulate around the bar.

Although glycerin soaps have a long shelf life, it is recommended to use your soap within 6 months to fully enjoy the fragrance. Keeping your soap wrapped until ready to use is also recommended to ensure it retains its’ fragrance and quality.

Our soaps are made with genuine olive and aloe oils, sweetened honey, goat milk and beeswax, so if you have any known allergy (or think you may have) to any of these ingredients do NOT handle or bathe with any of our soaps.

If irritation or redness occurs, discontinue use.

Please note these soaps are not edible, so keep away from babies and young children unless supervised by an adult.

Do not use it on newborns or young babies as they may have an allergy to these ingredients which adults may be unaware of.

Note: Due to health concerns, our soaps cannot be exchanged.