Art By Carrie

Store Owner: Carrie Hawkins

My whole life I have loved God, art and horses. I believe that God gave me the desire and gift to do creative work.  I have loved working and playing around the computer since I was a kid in the 80’s. I also can find my way around the internet.

I love to search and research stuff online. It could be anything from information to inspiration for creating art and designs to finding information about anything I need to look up plus find out how to expand my skills by learning new techniques.

I have always liked to create something out of what I find online, with my hands or elsewhere. Whether it’s clip art or a photo, painting, drawing, etc. I always like to challenge myself & make them into something totally different. I like to do this to help keep my skills in PhotoShop & Illustrator (& other programs) fresh & not forget anything.

I took a class in 2000 at the Art Institute and learned some of these programs. I also took other Graphic Design classes. I didn’t want to lose what I learned, so I did what I could to keep my skills fresh. I have always loved art, whether I am creating it by hand, or by the computer.

From a very young age I have always loved to get my hands into something to make something cool. I love horses & I have a house full of life like model horses.

I have done various kinds of art (other than the horses). Things like painting animals on rocks & other materials, mosaics, murals, and anything else I can get my hands on. I have always loved to draw and paint.

You will find many of the items in my shop are created from treasures I discovered.  I then recycled them and gave them new lives as mosaics, animal art paintings, etc…

In addition to these reborn treasures, I also offer digital art and graphics.